The Next Meeting of VRRA.

Our next meeting of the Vincentia CCB and the VRRA will now be held on Thursday, 20 June 2019, the meeting commencing at 7.30pm in the Vincentia Community Hall.


Office Holders (for 2019) 

President – Roslyn Vickery

Secretary  – Lou Casmiri

Treasurer – Bob Pullinger

Other Committee Members (for 2019)

Dawn Thompson

Tony Thompson

Norman Vickery

Ken Buckley

Patrick McMahon

John Ross


 All members are welcome and invited to nominate for vacant committee positions.


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Local Issues/News:

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Collingwood Beach Preservation Group

CBPG Progress Report April 2019

CBPG Progress Report February 2019

CBPG Progress Report December 2018

CBPG Progress Report October 2018

CBPG Progress Report August 2018

CBPG Report June 2018

CBPG Progress Report February 2018

CBPG Dune Vegetation Management Plan Option Study

Foreshore Management Position Plan

CBPG Progress Report June 2016-for Vincentia CCB_V2

CBPG Amendment to DVMP_RevA2.TCdocx

Shoalhaven Coastal Hazard Map     


Presentations on Collingwood Beach from the general meeting, 15 June 2017

Save Collingwood Beach provided the following update on Collingwood Beach activities – update

The Collingwood Beach Preservation Group provided the following document in response

Collingwood Beach Preservation Group – a response

Members can find more information regarding Collingwood Beach at the websites for the Collingwood Beach Preservation Group ( ) and Save Collingwood Beach ( )

Collingwood Beach Preservation Group Dune Vegetation Management  Plan FAQ

Aquaculture In the Bay

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