VRRA General Meetings

The VRRA is conscious of community safety and in keeping with NSW Government guidelines.

Everyone welcomed.

Welcome to Vincentia on the shores of Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

What’s happening with the Vincentia Golf Club?
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This is the website of The Vincentia Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc, an incorporated body formed to promote the wellbeing and amenity of Vincentia for the benefit of ratepayers, residents and visitors alike.  This website is a primary communication channel for Members and the community between VRRA General Meetings.
The Association is recognised by the Shoalhaven City Council as a Community Consultative Body.  Details of Community Consultative Body activities can be accessed on the Shoalhaven City Council website – please click here.

The objectives of the Association include:

  • To provide ratepayers and residents in Vincentia with a forum to discuss issues of concern.
  • To facilitate discussion on issues and communicate the collective views of the community to relevant authorities including local, state or federal government or to other individuals and organisations as appropriate.
  • To advocate for improved public facilities in Vincentia and seek grant funding from local, state or federal government to support such facilities.
  • To obtain and disseminate information relevant to the Vincentia community.
  • To encourage the involvement of the community in the decision-making processes of local, state and federal Governments that impact on Vincentia.
  • To fulfil the role of the Community Consultative Body for Vincentia while recognised by the Shoalhaven City Council (SCC) and complying with the Guidelines for the Conduct of Community Consultative Bodies published by the SCC when dealing with Council related matters.

The Association meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday at 7.00 pm.
Click here for address and next meeting.  Following a recent decision by members the Shoalhaven City Council’s Vincentia CCB meets simultaneously with the regular VRRA meetings.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings.
Membership fees for the Association are just $10 per person per annum.  We also endeavour to keep members informed through this website and the use of email updates.

For membership enquiries or further information please Contact Us.

Email:  vrra.ccb@gmail.com