When and where we meet:

The VRRA meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 7.00pm at the Vincentia Golf Course clubhouse

Everyone is welcome to attend. Voting however is limited to Ratepayers and Residents.

The Executive Committee meets bi monthly on alternate months to the general meeting, usually on the third Thursday of the month at the home of a nominated Committee member. Attendance is limited to the elected Committee members.


Minutes for the CCB General Meetings

(Minutes are published as draft until approved at the next general meeting)

2022 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb
2021 Nov (Cancelled due to Covid lockdown) Jun Apr Feb 
2020 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jul  Apr  Feb   (Note: due to the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions, meetings were not held for Apr, Jun)
2019 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb  
2018 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb
2017 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb
2016 Dec  Nov(spec)  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb
2015 Dec  Nov  Oct  Aug  May


Minutes for the VRRA Inc Annual General Meetings

2022 Jun
2021 Feb
2020 Feb
2019 Feb
2018 Feb
2017 Feb


Minutes for the VRRA Inc Executive Committee

2022 Jan  May  Jul  Sep  Nov
2021 Jan(Spec)  Jan  Mar  May  Jul  Sep
2020 Dec  Nov  Aug  Jun  May  Mar  Jan
2019 Nov  Sep  Jul  May  Mar  Jan
2018 Nov  Sep  Jul  Jun  May  Mar  Jan
2017 Nov  Sep  Jul  May  Mar  Jan
2016 Mar


Collingwood Beach Preservation Group Reports

(The information contained in these documents is provided as a community service with the understanding that the VRRA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise contained in these documents and accepts no responsibility or liability for their content. Nor does the VRRA warrant that the use of this information provided is free of any claims of copyright infringement.  Members and readers are advised to undertake their own research and verify for themselves the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in these documents.)

2022 Jun  Aug  Nov 
2020 Dec  Oct  Aug Jun  Apr  Feb
2019 Dec  Oct  Aug  Jun  Apr  Feb  
2018 Nov  Oct  Aug  Jun  Feb
2017 Dec  Oct  Jun  Apr  Feb
2016 Jun  April  Feb
2015 Sep  Aug  Jul


Papers By CBPG

Collingwood Beach FAQ
Dune Vegetation Management Plan (DVMP) Option Study

Amendment to DVMP
Foreshore Management Position Plan
Shoalhaven Coastal Hazard Map     


Save Collingwood Beach

Save Collingwood Beach, SCB, is a group of residents with alternative views regarding Collingwood Beach. They have provided the following paper on Collingwood Beach

The Collingwood Beach Preservation Group provided the following document in response