VRRA 2020 Committee Nominees  Background


Ken Buckley
Why do you want to join (re-join) the VRRA Committee for 2021
To complete the many projects as listed and continue to be the unbiased voice for all residents and ratepayers.
The hub – (Aquatic centre and surrounding infrastructure)
Vincentia strategic plan
Plantation Point projects
Safe pathways (particularly “off the hill”) for school children and residents.
Safe pathways and road crossings particularly from Bayswood to beaches.
Connectivity of pathways and cycleways
Stormwater infrastructure, Collingwood beach and between Jervis Street and Blenheim
Welcome to Vincentia Sign regarding native landscaping
Burton Street Mall

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021
I have an intimate understanding and knowledge of the area from having lived here in the same house for 38 years. I have experience in running organisations from my time as President of the Coniston Soccer Club in Wollongong, President of the Shoalhaven Academy Swimming Club and Captain of the Vincentia Sailing Club. I operated the Jervis Bay Milk Run for 7 years and my last 20 years before retiring was as Technical Services Manager for an International Valve Company which involved international liaising and negotiations.
My wife Sue and I have raised two boys here who have subsequently married and are currently raising their own 2 children apiece (3 to 8 years) all still within the immediate area.
I have been a member of VRRA since 2011. I joined the Committee in 2019 and became President in 2020. I have had much pleasure working with the current tireless committee.


Bob Pullinger
Why do you want to join the VRAA Committee?
To continue with the current committee to further progress the substantial progress being made with :
Plantation Point projects,
Connectivity of pathways,
Burton St Mall
Stormwater infrastructure,
Making safe the walkways
Coastal Management Plan
Maintenance of the unique environment within Vincentia

Signage to welcome visitors and their economic contribution to Vincentia
The new family focused annual White Beaches/Sand Walk

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
My experience as FCPA as Financial Controller with leading Global and Australian building material companies also included coy sec/public officer/Sarbanes Oxley Audit. My proven understanding, engagement and respect of and from Council on the DPOP and Performance Reporting.


John Ross
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee?
As a current member, the last year has probably been one of the most exciting and productive. Under the leadership and energy of the current President Ken Buckley and Secretary Lou Casmiri, many exciting projects for Vincentia have been initiated, completed or are still under way, most with valuable involvement from ordinary community members. I want to continue to support and contribute to these projects as well as to any new projects that will come up. I am passionate about Jervis Bay and with Vincentia growing, I want to ensure that this growth is responsible, balanced and sustainable whilst listening to and keeping the community informed at all times.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
I am a qualified engineer with a postgraduate degree. I started my career with Ansett Airlines and then worked at the UNSW. A year of backpacking followed and in the 80s I started my own software and hardware company. This has given me technical, analytical and strategic skills. Ultimately it’s not about me. The value is from every member in Vincentia, their participation, contributions and what they can bring to the community. Often amongst community members opinions can be divided. Finding common ground will be my endeavour. My local contribution for the past 8 years has been coordinator of the Plantation Point Parkcare Group.


Ros Vickery
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee for 2021
I have been a past President and Vice President of the VRRA and am currently a committee member. I Have been a resident of Vincentia for the past 47 years. With my partner I was instrumental in creating the original Vincentia Shopping Centre, bringing in, in excess of 200 jobs to the area and essential services to our doorstep. I would love to see our current ongoing projects come to fruition including our new pathways, Plantation Pt playground and disability amenities and the exciting new five beach walk which is set to have its inaugural walk in August of this year.

What value would you bring to the VRRA committee for 2021
As a full-time resident for 47 years, I have raised my children and their grandchildren in this area. In doing so I have a good idea of what is needed to keep our area thriving both for families and the retired alike. As a past Secretary of the Vincentia Progress Association and Secretary to the original Vincentia Chamber of Commerce I feel that I have the experience to make a difference within the committee. I am a firm believer in the rule of common sense.


Anthony Thompson
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee for 2021
I have owned property in Vincentia for over thirty years and a full-time resident since retiring. I have been a VRRA member for the previous seven years. I have contributed my time and energy over the last two years serving on the VRRA committee and I am looking forward to continuing on the committee for the next twelve months to follow through on all the projects that this committee have successfully been able to identify or implement over the previous two years.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021
A progressive can-do attitude, an open mind and willingness to continue to work as part of a team to achieve the best outcomes for Vincentia as the current team have done for the previous two years. Also, working towards new long- and short-term goals and projects for the Vincentia area.


Norm Vickery
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee for 2021
I moved to the area in 1973. I have been Dept Captain of the Vincentia Fire Brigade, Foundation member of the Lions Club, member of the original Vincentia Progress Association, a member of the inaugural Vincentia Chamber of Commerce and together with my partner developed the Vincentia Shopping centre bringing with it the first major supermarket to the Bay and Basin area. As a member of the current VRRA committee for the past 5 years I have actively pursued with Council the upgrade of the Mall which we are excited to say will begin this year.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee in 2021
My wealth of knowledge of the area and the current shopping centre, lends itself to being able to converse freely with Council as to what is needed. I have remained passionate about bringing needed services and infrastructure to families and retirees as well for our ever increasing tourist population. As a committee member I have prided myself that the VRRA is open to all, is democratic and a positive conduit to Council?


Erica Jones
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee?
A current member of the VRRA committee; I want to build on the growth we have achieved in the last 12 months and support the association in how it canvases the community and liaises with Council regarding the diverse issues that we as a Village continue to face. As a CCB host, there is added responsibility for governance, transparency and representation, as interest continues to increase in the built and natural environment that encompasses Vincentia. It is essential that all residents, businesses and ratepayers have equal access to the information regarding these issues, and the capacity to express their thoughts in a safe, structured environment. I want to help ensure this happens.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
 As a small business owner and operator within the Village, in conjunction with establishing the current Vincentia Village Chamber of Commerce and being a life-long resident of the Bay & Basin, I understand the issues and priorities that residents, businesses and ratepayers face. I care about how people are heard and I want ensure that our CCB and the VRRA collectively are able to support, grow and make a better Village – through thoughtful, sustainable development, awareness and education of the area’s cultural heritage and ensuring that the infrastructure needed for our future is planned for and created today.


Ben Krikstolaitis
My wife Michelle and my two high-school aged children have lived in Vincentia for a little over a decade. Originally from Perth, I served in the Navy for a little over twenty years which included operational deployments to the Middle East. I still work as a civilian contractor to the Fleet Air Arm. I have tertiary degrees in Communications (Public Relations) and Adult Education. I have board and committee experience in several sailor’s welfare associations and currently as the secretary of St Georges Basin Bowling Club. As a committee member I am a “big picture” thinker and value the importance of long term strategies over short-term gains. I believe in, and work hard at, effective communication strategies to keep the people we represent informed and to give them a voice in our decision making.


Charlie Brown
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee?
I am deeply passionate about the power of community and it is my intention to develop, unify & cultivate an environment of which is fair, diplomatic, kind & supportive. I wish to remind our residents that their voice matters & should be heard. Our village has & continues to grow, I wish to be a part of creating positive & lasting change that benefits everyone & unifies our voices, our intentions & respect for the roles we each play in making this such a culturally diverse & beautiful place to live. 

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
I genuinely care about people, who they are and what they have to say, so I am naturally very personable. I am also incredibly objective & can see situations & opinions from all perspectives, I have a variety of transferable skills & work experience that enables me to communicate with a variety of people. My biggest core values & the ways in which I live my life are based on equality & kindness so I offer a diplomatic & compassionate stand point of which I am not afraid to voice. I offer a fresh pair of eyes, a diverse perspective, no previous history with the VRRA & a willingness to drive positive change that serves the highest good for all. 


Brenda Garnett
Why do you want to join the VRRA Committee?
Why do I want to join the VRRA? Because I believe that I can be a unifying influence so that we all have a voice in the future of our great area and to ensure a majority viewpoint is transparently communicated to Government at all levels.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
I am a trusted member of the community, who people like and know. I feel I can bring passion, energy and fresh ideas to the committee. I am friendly, willing to listen and extremely well organised. I am not afraid to question why things are the way they are and why they cannot be better. 2020 was a tough year and we need passionate people to represent us moving forward.


Louise Bargwanna JP
Why do you want to join the VRAA Committee?
I have lived in Vincentia over 20 years and was previously a member of VRRA. My work and family responsibilities have eased and I would like to be part of this important voice to Council once again.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021?
For many years I managed the Booderee Visitor Centre and was responsible for the financial reporting of large amounts of revenue generated.  I am practised in the obligations of honesty and diligence necessary for the implementation of fiscal processes, accountability and legislative requirements to do with public monies. I am currently Treasurer of Wrights Beach Sailing Club and am familiar with SCC reporting procedures.


Margaret Willard
I had a holiday house in Vincentia for 40 years and moved here permanently 12 years ago.   I choose to shop locally to support our local business owners.  My hobbies are golf, yoga, paddleboarding, travel and jigsaws.
I gained excellent management and communication skills through my roles as TAFE manager, textbook author and longtime committee member for Seechange and CWA.
I am the treasurer for the Penwood miniature railroad at Berry and a member of the SHVC.
I want to use my skills and abilities to support the VRRA to be an even stronger voice for all Vincentia residents.


Lyndon Snelling
I still pinch myself at living in such a beautiful area. For the past 6 years I celebrate each morning when opening the blinds to rejoice at the natural beauty. I share this joy with my beautiful partner Jess and 3 teenage children. I am just over 50 years of age able to add some youthful vitality to some rich lived world experience. I have worked as an accountant, a dairy farmer, a social worker and now am a teacher at our local high school here in Vincentia. I am well connected in the local community including sporting clubs, beekeeping association and previously worked on the local p n c. I am an empathetic listener, friendly, an excellent communicator and enjoy being an advocate for people who seek my help or advice.


Lou Casmiri
Why do you want to join the VRAA Committee for 2021
To complete the listed projects below and continue doing good things for Vincentia Plantation Point projects,
White Sands Walk Track Improvements and signage
Connectivity of pathways and cycleways
Burton St Mall
Stormwater infrastructure,
The Vincentia Winter Festival
The proposed White Sands Beach Walk
Welcome to Vincentia Sigh with native landscape

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021
2 years of experience as the VRRA Secretary and a Rotarian for circa 30 years, Past President of 2 Rotary Clubs, Charted President of a PROBUS Club and active in Community Groups and Associations as President, Secretary and Treasurer; I am very passionate and committed about working with community groups and business for the benefit of the local community and their families.


Heather Cook
Why do you want to join the VRAA Committee for 2021
I am standing because I care about this community and I want to strengthen our collective voice. I have been a Vincentia ratepayer and business owner for the past 10+ years. I would like to see a genuinely democratic process in deciding what is right for our town. I am willing to commit my time in to ensure that happens.

What value would you bring to the VRRA Committee for 2021
The key attributes and values I feel I can bring to our Committee include being fair, open and accountable and the desire to contribute a VRRA that is the same. I have a sense of objectivity, a real desire to garner effective participation and to empower the whole community to contribute to making this a great place for everyone. In addition to running my own businesses, I have 20+ years of experience working in local, state and federal government.